Nate's Avatar Hi, I'm Nate

Family man, weekend farmer, outdoorsman, software dev, building Selective

I wear many hats: from a family man and weekend farmer to an outdoors enthusiast and software developer and entrepreneur.

I served as a Director of Technology for nearly two decades, building and rolling out internal software tools, managing a multi-site network, servers, cloud infrastructure, AV, and a large volunteer team.

In 2017, I joined the team at Hint, a software consultancy, as a project manager, quickly moving into the COO role, and eventually becoming a partner.

Drawing on my years of experience in technology and software development, I'm now focused on building Selective, a tool to supercharge your existing CI with an intelligent test runner that offers real-time test results, failed test re-enqueuing, and analytics, aiming to shorten the CI feedback cycle so developers can get back to writing code faster.

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